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Guinea Pig Rescue & Education

The RCGR is a 501 (c)(3) animal rescue that only handles cases regards to lost

or found pets, animals that will be dumped, sick or injured animals, animals that

are being abused or neglected and can assist in cases regarding hoarding.   

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Blue Pearl Pet Hospital (open 24hr)
4701 Ulmerton Rd Suite 500, Clearwater, FL 33762 
Blue Pearl Pet Hospital (open 24hr)
3000 Busch Lake Blvd, Tampa, FL 33614
VEG, Veterinary Emergency Group (open 24 hours)
Phone: (727)-273-7441

     Signs of a pet         


      -Lethargy  -Limited mobility 

     -Seizures or wobbles

      -Drooling  -Diarrhea

      -Stop eating  -Bloat

      -If your guinea pig is straining to 

      urinate or defecate

      -Blood coming from anus or genitals

      -A hunched appearance

      -Screaming or crying after a fall,

       injury or when moved/touched

      -If a mother sow continues to bleed 

       after labor

      -Pups who refuse to nurse


About Us

About Our Service

The Royal Cavy Guinea Pig Rescue was created in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. During this time animal dumping and abandonment was at an all time high. There were countless stories of guinea pigs being left in dumpsters, parking lots and being left on the side of the road. Animal dumping is illegal and these crimes have fueled our motivation to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome the abused and unwanted guinea pigs and small animals.

Florida is a large state and the demand for exotic animal rescues is high. Due to the lack of appropriate exotic animal shelters, the RCGR services all counties of Florida from Jacksonville to Miami. Our rescue specializes in the care of guinea pigs but we also accept other exotic animals into our rescue.

At this time we do not accept the following animals: 

– Dogs or cats

– Livestock animals such as pigs, cows, horses ect

– Large carnivore reptiles

– Rats or mice

– Ferrets


– Avians




The RCGR is a NO KILL shelter. This means animals surrendered to us will stay in our care (or the care of our fosters) until they have found homes. We believe there are second chances and homes for every animal; we do our best to find those homes.

The RCGR now offers many different services such as boarding/grooming (Pinellas county residents only), education, exotic veterinarian referrals and other small programs for families and pets.